A local tour guide sharing updated info in Japan. Part-time work as a travel planner and private tour guide.

-private tour guide in Takayama, Shirakawago, Gero, Okuhida, Hirayu Onsen - freelance travel planner in Japan


My first name in Chinese is Tsz Tung, was born and raised in Hong Kong. That's why the name of this blog is 'Tungether' while I will make use of this blog for sharing and hope to travel with you in Japan one day. Nice to meet you all!! I am Bonnie, who used to learn Japanese and French in the university. I was not able to speak both languages fluently especially in front of native speakers. After graduation, I have been working for 7 years continuously without a long break while I always think that the annual leave every year is just too short to satisfy my desire. While approaching 30 and seeing my close friends went to UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand for working holiday, I was allured by their fascinating experience. Life is pretty short and it is nothing wrong to spend 1 year aboard to enrich my life. Therefore, I chose Japan as my destination of working holiday because it is relatively safer to travel and its proximity to Hong Kong. I used to live in Hokkaido, Kyoto and am currently living in Takayama, a small town resemble Kyoto, named little Kyoto in Japan. Takayama is in Gifu prefecture which is about 2.5 hours drive from Nagoya. I have been living in Takayma for 3 years and in love in it for numerous reasons such as the food, weather, culture, festivals, nature and the people. Currently, I am working full-time as Shirakawago tour conductor. This year, I obtained a tour guide license for Takayama, Shirakawago, Gero, Hida Furukawa, Hirayu Onsen and Okuhida area. I worked part-time as private tour guide and travel planner. In my spare time, I show my family and friends around here because I love Japan like you do!!!! I would like to share all the locals' preference related to tourist spots, local food, culture, hidden spots etc as well as expressing my feelings as a half local here 😉 If you would like to understand Japan deeply, please visit my blog and check on my updates. Hope you are going to fall in love in Japan like I do!!!